Several weeks ago, I posted a survey to my Facebook fan page asking if folks would be interested in pre-ordering Small Things II: Threads. 45% of the respondents said yes, 35% said maybe, and 20% said no. My job, of course, is to sway those “Maybe” votes, (and maybe a few of the “no” votes!) and I think I’ve come up with a way to do that.

I am offering a special limited edition trade paperback of Threads that will be signed and numbered. This edition, limited to just 25 copies, will not only feature a special “limited edition” page for the autograph and number, but will also feature a sneak preview of “Memories of a Ghost,” a non-Small Things novel that will be published in 2014. The regular trade paperback edition will not have either of these things. I’ll also include a free eBook version of the novel, so you can keep this special edition pristine and unread if you so wish.


But wait, that’s not all. (Said in my best television spokesperson voice.) Included in this special limited edition package will be a black and white sketch by a very talented published artist (name to be revealed soon) of either a scene or character study from Threads. The sketch will be 8.5″ x 11″, reproduced on high stock paper, signed by both the artist and myself, numbered to correspond to the novel, and suitable for framing.

First come, first served on numbering. Order now to get a lower number! And you will receive the book approximately one week before the regular edition of the novel goes on sale. (Early October.)

And last but not least, your name will appear in the “Thank you” section of the novel!

So, to sum it up, order the special limited edition of Small Things II: Threads will get you:

  • Special signed and numbered copy of Threads
  • Preview of Memories of a Ghost
  • B&W professional sketch of a scene from Threads suitable for framing
  • Free eBook version of Threads
  • Your name in the “Thank You” section of the book
  • My undying gratitude and admiration

So how much will all this special goodness cost you? Why, a mere $19.95, of course, plus shipping! (shipping will be calculated based on your zip code as you check out)

Want to order? Fill out the form below and click the “Buy Now!” button to order using a credit card of Paypal! If you would rather order with a check or money order, please Contact me and let me know!

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