I have a story in an amazing new anthology—House of Haunts!

In 1823, Josiah Hale built his family a grand home in the sultry heat and blinding glare of the Deep South.
It wasn’t long before the shadows crept in. 
Now, two hundred years later, this grand home stands forlorn, abandoned, blank windows reflecting only darkness.

Some houses carry lasting impressions of those who have lived and died there.
Some places still bear the scars of past tragedies.
Some buildings are heavy with the spirits of the dead.
Hale House outweighs them all.
But wait.
The front gate is creaking slowly open, welcoming, beckoning, luring you in…
You have been invited.

Come tour the most haunted location in the world.
Come visit our House of Haunts.
23 rooms. 23 ghosts. 23 stories.
Will you survive them all?

Featuring Stories From
Christy Aldridge * Brooklyn Ann * Simon Bleaken *Jay Bower
Clay McLeod Chapman * Heather Daughrity * Joe DeRouen
William J. Donahue * J-F. Dubeau * Joshua Loyd Fox * Jennifer Anne Gordon
Gage Greenwood * Justin Holley * Jo Kaplan * Ronald Kelly
Marie Lanza * Caitlin Marceau * D.E. McCluskey * Jeremy Megargee
Joe Scipione * Samantha Underhill * Mer Whinery * Mercedes M. Yardley
Foreword by Josh Malerman
Edited by Heather Daughrity

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