Klarissa Dreams Redux is an anthology of stories and poetry by a myriad of authors, set against the paintings of Klarissa Kocsis and produced by her daughter, author, Shebat Legion.

Klarissa Kocsis has contributed to the Toronto, Ontario, Canada art scene for over twenty years, regularly exhibiting within the city where she has won numerous juried competitions. She is a painter who specializes in egg tempera, and has earned a reputation for portraiture and nudes.

Shebat Legion is a breast cancer survivor and an advocate for breast screening. She is a consummate storyteller and has been printed and reprinted in numerous anthologies including her own anthology of short stories called Hubris. Legion is also responsible for the creation of Vampire Therapy, which includes a full-length novel, Jackson and Eva, as well as an illustrated collection of short stories set in the Vampire Therapy universe called, The Chronicles of The Cats Ass Boutique: Seasons and Reasons.

Proceeds directed to the Peterborough Regional Health Centre Foundation and affiliated charities.


Klarissa Kocsis – Dianne Tchir – Alan Torok – Marko Katic – James McCuaig – Shebat Legion – Joel Eisenberg – Nettie Eisenberg – Jocelyn Williams – Michael H. Hanson – Daniel Arthur Smith – Rivka Jacobs – Andrew Robertson – Randy Michaud – Michael S. Walker – Carmilla Voiez – Deanne Charlton – Lorinda Taylor – ZZ Claybourne – P.K. Tyler – Phoebe Tsang – Rebecca Poole – Scott Carruba – Ken Tizzard – Milton Davies – Marilynn Carter – Peter Bergerson – Dr. Kent David Tisher – Jef Rouner – Erika M Szabo – Brent Meske – Beverly Alexander Vye – Skye Knizley – Debbie Starrett – Ann Stolinsky – Nellie Smith – Brian Finley – Nely Cab – Joe DeRouen – Jessica West – Beth Patterson – Robert Allen Lupton – Paul DeThroe – Julie Dundas – Gregg Chamberlain – D.S. Foster – Mike Casto – Latika Karani – Faith Marlow – Baer Charlton – Elizabeth S. Wolf – Duncan Swallow – Charles Barouch – Joe Bonadonna – Justin Sandler – Rue Volley – Andrew K. Tempest – Margaret R. Blake – Teresa Carawan – Anita Reeder Hardister – Theresa Nyenhuis – Lissette E. Manning – Janice Bell – John H. Howard – Mary McGillis – Gwyndyn Alexander – Samuel Peralta

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