May the Fourth is an eclectic anthology of short stories that stretch across time and space. In Just Another Day in Hell, Demelza Carlton leads the reader to hell and back. Lucifer has to deal with his devilish girlfriend, demons, and how to get away with harassing the minions in the HELL Corporation. Add in an angelic temp employee, and Luce may find the way to hell paved with good intentions. Joe DeRouen introduces humans and ghosts in Up in Smoke. Can humans and ghosts work together to figure out what’s behind deadly and destructive fires… when they can’t even communicate? Lisa Hall’s Blackstone Manse explores the ancient white manse outside a village, and its mysterious relationship with the townspeople. When a religious order gets its metaphorical nose out of joint and decides to destroy the manse, the villagers must decide what to do. In Celia Kennedy’s post-apocalyptic world, memories aren’t always what they seem. In Tears in the Rain, can a fierce bounty hunter, who wears yet another mask, complete his mission and find his way back to a gentler time? Or will the corrosive atmosphere and decaying planet strip away all that remains human about him? In Heather Osborne’s Ripples in the Tide, Garrett stands at a crossroads in his life. He’s made some questionable choices, and he’s paying for them. Without warning, his boyhood of abuse and cruelty at the hands of his father crosses into his present as an inmate in prison. Will his sessions with prison psychologist Dr. Arianna Cross help him put the past behind him, or will she help him carve out a new future of hope and love? On a remote planet, Leonie Rogers’ The Renewer demonstrates the lengths to which a society in a far corner of the universe will go to retrieve its Chosen Child. As its captain, Jen must take her squad into danger to rescue the child. With high stakes and little chance of success, Jen knows failure will lead to the loss of more than just the child. In Lost in Times, by C. J. Rutherford, Derren continues to seek something he can’t define, even across time and space. He drags Krista, his twin sister, into his search, landing them in a Nazi prison camp. The twins must make the right decision, one which won’t wreak havoc on the past, present, or future. In Jada Ryker’s Gimlet, Juneau and Coldwell pose as patients in a mental hospital to solve a paranormal mystery. Fellow patient Iris, notorious for both her séances and her police record, claims she’s in touch with the spirits who have the answers to the puzzle. Will her supernatural connections help Juneau and Coldwell solve the mystery, or lead to a one-way trip to the morgue? You can download May the Fourth:  A Collection of Stories Across Time and Space for the Kindle here.  You can get it for other eBook formats here. 

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