Two Tools For Writing Better, and, Well, Just Writing

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because spending all my time proofreading could be distracting and just might lead to getting eaten when the zombie apocalypse comes.


Grammarly’s grammar check is a great resource for writers, made even better by Microsoft Office integration and other nifty features. Available online or via download, it catches mistakes that Microsoft Word alone seems to ignore. In addition to grammar, of course, it also checks for spelling, which means that my penchant for misspelling “apocalypse” was caught and summarily dealt with before I could click “Publish” on this blog entry.

You can snag a free 7 day trial of Grammarly (available for the PC and Mac) by going to the website below and, if you like it, subscribe for as low as $11.66 a month. If you want to spend more time writing and less time proofreading, Grammarly could be just what you’re looking for.


Do you find yourself getting distracted by Facebook and other sirens of the Internet while trying to write? You’re not alone! And while, at first blush, it might seem silly to pay $10 just for a program to turn off your Internet, Freedom just might help you get your writing back on track.

Freedom, available for the PC and Mac, disables internet access for a stretch of time that you specify, leaving you with no distractions. You can reboot your PC to reset the program, but other than that you’re stuck without the web until whatever time limit you set for yourself expires. Tough love? Perhaps. But if that’s what it takes to get you off of Twitter or Facebook for a few hours a day, it might just be the best ten bucks you’ve ever spent. Like Grammarly, Freedom also offers a free trial via its website below.





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