Memories of a Ghost

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Want to order a copy (or five, or ten, or a hundred) of Memories of a Ghost? Each copy is $14.99, and we offer discounts for multiple copies! And if you want a quantity that isn’t listed, just select one copy and then you can change quantity once you’re in Paypal. To order, just scroll down, fill out how many books you want and whether or not you want them autographed, and then scroll down a bit further and click the Paypal “Buy Now” button.

  • Every order receives a free Memories of a Ghost bookmark!
  • Shipping is calculated by where you live. FREE shipping for US residents if your order equals $50.00 or more!
  • Buying the novel directly from me is the only way to get it autographed outside of visiting an autographing session.

If you want to purchase using Paypal or a credit card, scroll down or simply click here.

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